Devin’s Update #2 – Where’s The Content?

Update 11/7/16: That’s right, I’m a liar. Ignore this post, I guess. I ended up falling behind yet again.

Where’s the Content, Devin?

Hey there readers, let me start off this update by saying yes, it seems it happened again. I ended up taking a month and a half long break from writing this blog and for that I apologize. If you look back on Update #1,”The Future“, I stated that I would stick to, at the very least, a schedule of one article a week. Unfortunately, life and my laziness got the better of me.

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Devin’s Update #1 – The Future

The Future of the Blog

Hello readers, back in April I decided to start this blog on a whim with my first post, The Walking Dead S6 Finale: One of the Biggest Insults in Television. Since then, I’ve made a few more posts but, overall, I’ve been very inactive. As I’ve experienced and expected, writing a blog is no easy feat, especially for someone who struggles in writing as it is. However, in writing my few short pieces I realized I loved making content. In the month I’ve been away,

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