“I’m already a demon, Rick.” – The Big Sauce

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Hello and welcome to this personal blog. My name is Devin Martinez and, among many things such as a college graduate of ASU (bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems), video game connoisseur and anime enthusist, I’m the author of this site.

I have an immense passion for gaming that started at a young age when I sat down with my family’s NES and played Super Mario Bros. 3. From that point on, gaming became an important part of my life. Games are no longer simple forms of entertainment but a medium that can tell imaginative stories, allow you to explore treacherous worlds, and challenge your problem solving abilities. To me, playing games is what I love doing the most and are something I take pride in.

More recently, I’ve acquired a strong fondness of anime. I find anime to be another powerful, artistic medium that brings us compelling stories that can challenge your way of thinking through tales of life and death or make you shout in joy at the success of a volleyball team and their bonds of friendship. At the moment, I mainly follow weekly, seasonal anime as it’s simple to knock out an episode here and there versus covering an entire series. However, I occasionally look into the anime vault and pull out something to binge watch. Warning: My anime taste might be questionable.

Here at this blog, you may find my many ramblings, game or anime reviews, crazy stories, and whatever else comes to my mind. Hopefully you find something to your liking but either way please feel free to leave comments, all are welcome. Thanks for stopping by and until next time, try not to die. I need the web traffic.


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