Devin’s Update #2 – Where’s The Content?

Update 11/7/16: That’s right, I’m a liar. Ignore this post, I guess. I ended up falling behind yet again.

Where’s the Content, Devin?

Hey there readers, let me start off this update by saying yes, it seems it happened again. I ended up taking a month and a half long break from writing this blog and for that I apologize. If you look back on Update #1,”The Future“, I stated that I would stick to, at the very least, a schedule of one article a week. Unfortunately, life and my laziness got the better of me. Around mid-August, I started my final semester of college and began working (close to) full-time. I’m taking my capstone course for Computer Information Systems where I will, with my group, be creating a website/service for a local client using (interestingly enough) WordPress. Along with that, I’ve shifted from working part-time to full-time, taking in 35 to 40 hours a week between various opening, mid-day, and closing shifts. But, I can’t solely blame the lack of content on becoming busier because, at the end of the day, I’ve ended up using my remaining free time playing video games and ignoring my blog. In fact, since my last post on August 9th, I’ve completed Resident Evil: Remake, Resident Evil 4, and Dead Rising while also tasting a piece of Lego Dimensions and Monster Hunter 4. I’ve had plenty of free time for writing I’ve just, unfortunately, ignored it. Once again, I am truly sorry and aim to find a better balance of gaming and writing moving forward.


A Look at my 8/9/16 to 9/21/16 and Beyond

Resident Evil  –  Dead Rising  –  Love Live!  –  Future Posts  –  Game Idea


Resident Evil: Remake and Resident Evil 4

Like I mentioned above, I recently got really into some of the Resident Evil games and survival horror games in general. During the summer, I played through The Evil Within, a game that, despite obvious flaws, I found myself really enjoying (like a lot). Coming from the director of Resident Evil 4 and other RE games, Shinji Mikami, I found myself wanting to play what The Evil Within was basing itself on. Having only ever played Resident Evil 5 around its release, I had no real idea what the Resident Evil games were and what they meant during their time. I can proudly say now that Resident Evil: Remake and Resident Evil 4 (both of which I played in their HD version on PS4) are two of the greatest games I’ve ever played. Also, as much as I still enjoyed it, The Evil Within really doesn’t even compare to RE4.


Dead Rising

As of writing this post, I’ve replayed Dead Rising after a good eight years with its release on PS4. The game is a straight port of the Xbox 360 version with improved frame rate and resolution. Besides the visual improvement it plays just the same as you remember, bugs and all. For a long time, I was convinced Dead Rising 2 was the best of the series but after replaying the original, I’m not so sure anymore. Dead Rising is a best blend of Japanese wackiness and western gameplay philosophies, wrapped up in an “arcadey” package. After the original, the Dead Rising series began losing the quirkiness the first one nailed so effortlessly. The time mechanics were slowly stripped away for a freer, less stressful game. By the third installment, the quirkiness felt forced and with the forth game coming this fall, the time mechanics have all but been removed. I’m still looking forward to Dead Rising 4 but the original Dead Rising will a;ways remain an amazing classic. The game holds up pretty well and I recommend giving it a replay. Also, I forgot how great Frank West was. He’s covered wars, ya know.


Love Live! School Idol Festival Guide

Before I got “distracted”, I had actually began writing a guide to play the mobile rhythm  game Love Live! School Idol Festival. Despite being a really niche game, it’s a game I enjoy quite a bit so I wanted to share it with more people and provide them with how to get the most out of the game. I stopped about 1200 words in but I would estimate that I’m at best half way through. It may not being something you’re interested in but expect that post to arrive sometime in the next few weeks.


Upcoming Post Plans/Ideas

I have a few ideas for posts I’d like to write over the next work. Below are some of what I’m planning.

  • Fall 2016 Anime  – Most Anticipated: The usual “every three months” season anime post. Unfortunently, this one will be short because the fall anime season is looking like trash.
  • Summer 2016 Anime – Review Wrap-Up: Summer has been one of my favorite season in quite some time. Soon I will have completed four anime so I’ll do my usually write ups on each. I’m considering do a full, solo review for ReZero if I’m able to.
  • Survival Horror Games: I’m considering writing about the survival horror genre as a whole, highlighting some of the greats and talking about the future of the genre.
  • Dead Rising Series (maybe): If I’m able to come up with enough ideas I may write up a post on the Dead Rising series as a whole.
  • Something on ReZero (maybe): I have a few ideas for ReZero articles (review, source material comparison/discussion, interesting rewatch plan I read about, etc.) but I’ll have to see if I’m able to spin some of them into something interesting.


Game Idea

Recently, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a small game I would like to make. I have enough coding experience that I think I could tackle something small so I’ve begun writing ideas down, researching, watching tutorials for making art assets, and installing Unity. My plan is for a top-down survival horror game. It will take inspiration for the original Resident Evil but take a more supernatural twist. I’ve also started watching Twin Peaks for some inspiration (also multiple series I enjoy like Alan Wake and Gravity Falls are inspired by Twin Peaks so I wanted to watch it anyways). Right now it’s just a thought but it’s definitely something I would love to peruse, eventually. Maybe one day, when I have more substantial plans and ideas laid out, you will hear more about this little project. Stay tuned.


For now, that concludes this update. Thanks for reading and I hope to not fall behind like this again unless I have a real excuse. This fall, for both anime and games, is looking pretty weak so I’m planning on continuing playing my backlog and replaying a few greats like some of the Zelda games. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the return of my content.


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