Blue Exorcist: Season 2 set for 2017

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This past week on June 29th, 2016, a Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine scan leaked announcing that the Blue Exorcist anime would receive a second season in 2017, six years after the first. Blue Exorcist, or Ao no Exorcist, is an anime adaption Kazue Katō’s Blue Exorcist manga, animated by A-1 Pictures. The story revolves around Rin Okumura, a teenager who discovers he is the son and heir to Satan. Raised by Father Shiro Fujimoto, an exorcist of the True Cross Order, Rin decides to forsake his fate and train to be an exorcist to take down Satan along side his twin brother, Yukio.

Announcement in Weekly Shonen Jump

The Blue Exorcist manga started in 2009 and is featured in Jump SQ (Square), a monthly Shōnen manga magazine. Two years later, the Blue Exorcist anime aired. With less source material to go off of due to its monthly releases, the anime adapted a meager 15 chapters in 25 episodes, stretching the material with the use of “filler” content and, eventually, an anime original conclusion. This announcement of a continuation came as a surprise to everyone, myself included, considering how rare it is for a series to pick back up after using to an anime original ending, especially over half a decade later.

Based on the announcement article and confirmed by Crunchyroll’s article, “Different Writer/Director Team To Lead New “Blue Exorcist” TV Anime”, the second season will be continuing where the source material left off in season one with the “Impure King Revival” arc. Episode 17 is the last episode of source material in Season One before the eight episode anime original conclusion. A list of full fillers can be found on

As someone who enjoyed the first season of Blue Exorcist but never saw the need to continue with the manga, I’m excited to see the series return and drum up new interest. While it’s evident that season one is slowly paced, it’s still a fun show (primarily if you’re into shōnen anime) that has a lot of potential. I plan to re-watch the canon episodes (1-10, 12-17) in anticipation for the new season as it comes closer to refresh my memory of the story and get more hyped. A trailer for season one can be found below.

A countdown timer, set to go off this Monday in Japan (Sunday evening in America), can be found on the Blue Exorcist official website. Hopefully, we will receive a trailer along with a more precise release window when the timer hits 0. Regardless, I’ll be keeping this post updated with any substantial new breakouts.

Edit 7/3/2016: The official Blue Exorcist site has been updated with all the information that has been trickling out over the past few days. No new information has been released thus far.

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Source: Crunchyroll


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