Devin’s Update #1 – The Future

The Future of the Blog

Hello readers, back in April I decided to start this blog on a whim with my first post, The Walking Dead S6 Finale: One of the Biggest Insults in Television. Since then, I’ve made a few more posts but, overall, I’ve been very inactive. As I’ve experienced and expected, writing a blog is no easy feat, especially for someone who struggles in writing as it is. However, in writing my few short pieces I realized I loved making content. In the month I’ve been away, I’ve continued to work on a few posts with struggling results. I’ve found that when I use a formal writing structure, such as with reviews, I have trouble expressing my ideas in a clear, entertaining way. I’ve rewritten a particular review several times now, with each proceeding draft still failing to meet my own expectations. I have a long way to go as a writer but it’s a challenge I eagerly plan to overcome. I’ve always wanted to improve my writing skills and this blog will be my first stepping stone towards that goal.

Regarding the specifics of the blog, I’ve been brainstorming titles and researching WordPress Hosting services with the goal to move away from the WordPress free service. If I’m going to do this, I want to give myself more creative freedom in the blog’s design and content, which can really only be achieved if I own the blog. Once I’ve decided on a name, I’ll be contacting an artist to commission official artwork to help bring life to the design. As for content, I intend to make these personal posts as needed to inform readers with updates on the state of the blog and talk of my latest adventures in the gaming and anime worlds. On top of these updates, I hope to write at least one article a week moving forward. While this might be sparse content-wise, as I’ve stated I’m not well versed in writing and it takes me longer to get my words out the way I want. I thank you for your patience and I hope you move forward with me on this journey.

Week of 6/1/16 to 6/7/16

Upcoming Posts   –   Phoenix Comicon   –   Overwatch   –   Elder Scrolls Online

Upcoming Posts

Originally, this week’s update was going to a meaty piece covering the games and events I’ve partaken in the last seven days. However, while writing, I got so in-depth with some games that I’ve decided to turn them into their own full-fledged posts. So now, I’ll only briefly touch on those topics and leave the rest of this update to some of the other games I’ve been playing. So, let’s sit back and relax. It’s time for this week’s deep cut.

This past week I reached into my backlog and started replaying the Witcher 3 with the aim to complete the base game and possibly play through Hearts of Stone (If I’m not burned out by then). All I can say is what a fantastic game. Going back to the lands of the Witcher and revisiting Geralt has reminded me that this was easily one of the greatest games of 2015. It’s a deep RPG that bucks the gaming trends of the last few years and sets an example of what western RPG’s can be. I have more planned for this topic but first I want to beat the game before discussing just how good the Witcher 3 is and why it’s a rarity in modern gaming. Stay tuned.

Besides the Witcher 3, I’ve been playing a gross amount of a mobile game called Love Live! School Idol Festival. It’s a rhythm game made for the Japanese multimedia project, Love Live!, based on nine Japanese Idols. Its spawned a great anime original series, Love Live! School Idol Project, consisting of two seasons, a movie, and a new upcoming anime project. Needless to say, I’m a fan of the series and the mobile game, unfortunately, speaks to me on some dark levels. Keep a lookout for my upcoming posts on my mobile gaming hypocrisy. (Still on the way, E3 slowed me down)

Lastly, I was invited with my ASU club to a prescreening of Warcraft in IMAX 3D. I plan to get my impressions of the movie out later today or tomorrow morning so keep an eye out. It definitely has its ups and downs but if nothing else it was a spectacle.

Phoenix Comicon

For the last few years I’ve wanted to attend Phoenix Comicon (as an Arizona resident) but never actually got around to doing so. I’ve never been to any convention so I didn’t know what to expect but I ended up pleasantly surprised with the event, enough to want to go again next year. The exhibit hall filled with vendors is where I spent the bulk of my time, looking through the nerd culture merchandise and wishing I had saved up more money. I managed to walk away with a Love Live! Official Art Book from Japan and a Love Live! figure (your standard Devin weeaboo trash). I also received an autograph from Ralph Macchio while I was there, best known for being the star of the Karate Kid. My only disappointment from the con was missing out on the Troy Baker panel. Not expecting much or not thinking clearly, I arrived 30 minutes early to the panel room only to find it filled completely. I should have known when I saw his line for autograph signings, hearing the wait was over an hour long. Despite my hiccup, it was an awesome experience. I loved seeing so many people dedicated to what they love with amazing cosplays and having so many groups come to put on shows. If you haven’t been to a con like me I definitely recommend find one to go to.

Overwatch (PC)

For the past week, Overwatch has been on everyone’s mind and with good reason. It’s a colorful, vibrant shooter that takes a lot of cues from Team Fortress 2 but manages to add that polish Blizzard is known for. Prior to the last beta, I had completely written off Overwatch. When announced, I thought Blizzard was just trying to take another piece of the free-to-play pie, showing a lot of arrogance on my part as I never actually researched what the game was before dismissing it. Despite my false perceptions, Overwatch came out as one the most fun shooters I’ve played in a long time. Having a wide variety of well-designed characters, I keep finding myself coming back to try different types of gameplay. So far, D.Va, Roadhog, and Junkrat are among my favorite characters with Defense and Tanks being my main types of character. My only gripe with the game is that there’s no incentive to play the game for any other reason than it is fun, which is perfectly fine. Since you are rewarded with random loot boxes of cosmetics on each level up, I don’t really feel there’s a long term goal to playing like with other shooters. There’s nothing to strive for by leveling up. This is all offset by the fact that the game is just so good to play that you need no other reason to keep jumping back in anyways. It’s a minor complaint that I don’t hold against the game. Blizzard has once again shown they are some of the masters of gaming.

Elder Scrolls Online (PC)

The final game I’ve been sinking my teeth in is Elder Scrolls Online. I managed to pick up a PC code for $12 and have been pleasantly pleased with my purchase since no subscription is required. The game feels like a multiplayer Oblivion. It doesn’t compare to the mainline Elder Scrolls games in story quality but it’s entertaining in its own right. Unlike other MMOs, ESO doesn’t feel like the same kind of grindfest. Its story focused so you can usually find reason to what you doing instead of just blindly accepting a quest to fetch ten of some item. The first-person gameplay combined with building your character with a limited pool of abilities makes you feel more in control than a 3rd person view following set ability rotations. I’ve played my fair share of World of Warcraft and bought into the idea that Star Wars: The Old Republic could be one of the WoW killers but kept finding myself struggling to commit to the MMO lifestyle. ESO’s variety has reinvigorated my love for MMOs and I’ve been consistently putting in a few hours every day. I’ll be honest and say ESO isn’t a great game. It’s a fine game that provides a great distraction if you’re looking for a lighter MMO with the benefit of being tied to the Elder Scrolls lore.

That about wraps up the week for me. I’m eagerly awaiting the start of E3 this Sunday with EA’s and Bethesda’s conferences and plan to make some articles for E3 highlight next week. Thanks for stopping by.


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